Arc Productions, 2012-2013
3D motion picture (NDA in effect)
3D web series 'Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse'
Story Team: boards etc.

Big Jump Entertainment, 2012
2D animated series 'Brickleberry' season 1
Backgrounds: BG paint/colour

Solis Animation, 2011–2012
2D animated series 'Ugly Americans' season 2B
Background Supervisor: BG approval & revisions

Big Jump Entertainment, 2011
2D animated series 'Ugly Americans' season 2A
Backgrounds: BG paint/colour, general revisions
Animation: crowds, general revisions, odds & ends

Voltz Entertainment Inc, 2010–2011
Illustration: digital character design and illustration for youth-targeted games

Cuppa Coffee Studios, 2010
2D animated series 'Ugly Americans' season 1B
Background Lead: BG layout creation (rough/clean/colour), revisions, scene approval
Animation: character posing, key animation, inbetweening

Jobpostings Magazine, 2008–2010
Writing & Illustration: 'Help Wanted', monthly full-page comic strip and cover art

Funleague Games, 2008-2010
Illustration: 'Perfect Stride: Cross-Country', line art & tones

Big Soul Productions Inc, 2008–2010
Layout/Design: 'By The Rapids', backgrounds, character design, digital clean-up & colours

Penguin Books UK, 2009
Illustration: 'Children's Myths and Legends', cover art for presentation jacket

Media Headquarters, 2008
Illustration: 'Outlaw In-Laws', three-page comic strip for wedding party

Guardians of Order, 2004–2005
Illustration: 'BESM d20 Monstrous Manual', 'BESM Space Fantasy', 'Reality Storm'

Llewellyn Publications, 2004
Illustration: 'Wicca Almanac'

Heresy Gaming, 2002–2003
Illustration: 'Victoriana'